Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 9, Issue 1, Article 2 (Jun., 2008)
Utilization of attitude maps in evaluating teachers' attitudes towards assessment

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Teachers Views and Attitudes Related to Assessment

Ample research has been conducted to determine teachers views about and attitudes towards assessment (Barko, Mayfield, Marion, Flexer & Cumbo, 1997; Bushman & Schnitker, 1995; Cooney, Bell, Fisher-Cauble & Sanchez, 1996; Graham, 2005; Lawrence & Pallrand, 2000; Meyer & Tusin, 1999; Wolfe, Chiu & Reckase, 1999). The general results emerging from the research indicate that teachers are aware of the benefits of performance-based assessments to their students. Nevertheless, they are worried about the amount of time required to complete these assessments and concerned about their inadequate knowledge of how to assess students learning. Crowded classrooms, lack of space, lack of facilities, and the structure of the curriculum are raised as obstacles in implementing recommended assessment strategies.

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