Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 9, Issue 1, Article 12 (Jun., 2008)
Nelson Cheng-Chih CHEN, Ching-Hao CHEN and Ming-chun LIN
An analysis of applied mechanics contest for senior high school students in Taiwan

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Mechanic Contest for Final Test

  For the final test, the exam committee’s goal is to merge mechanics theories into a practical hands-on experiment and conduct the final test for nearly 200 contestants at the same time all in one day. The exam committee found a solution by using:

1.  Video Show: Some experiments related to the final test were recorded beforehand. The video shows are played in front of the contestants so that they can observe the entire experimental process(Pic. 2 and Pic. 3).

2.  Materials Pack: Packs of materials are provided to the contestants, if necessary, so that they can conduct the experiments at the table near their seats. (Pic. 4-Pic.7 )

3.  Questions: The test questions are designed in conjunction with the video shows. The tests are divided into several parts including multiple choice questions and short answer questions.

4.  Corrections: The test sheets are scored by the exam committee, the standardized answers ” are minimized.

5.  Visiting: Testers are taken to the exhibition hall inside NSTM to visit the exhibits related to the mechanics field. (Pic. 8)

Pic.1: The primary test

Pic. 2: Video show

Pic. 3: Experiment exam video show for the final test

Pic. 4: Experiment material pack for the final test

Pic. 5: Materials packs for hands-on learning

Pic. 6: The final test set-up (I) 

Pic.7: The final test (II)

Pic. 8: Visiting exhibits

  (Photos of Pic 1 to Pic. 8 by Nelson Cheng-Chih Chen)

The final tests of 2006 and 2007 are posted on the NSTM website (Appendix B shows three examples of the primary tests).

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