Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 9, Issue 1, Article 12 (Jun., 2008)
Nelson Cheng-Chih CHEN, Ching-Hao CHEN and Ming-chun LIN
An analysis of applied mechanics contest for senior high school students in Taiwan

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Approaches and Primary Test

  In order to initiate circumstances to provide an equitable, education-oriented and entertaining mechanics test, NSTM set up a multi-steps mechanics contest for all senior high school students in Taiwan. There are two major stages for the mechanics contest. One is the primary test and the other is the final test. Several physics teachers from different senior high schools are invited to establish a test database, and professors of the National Cheng Kung University form an exam committee to revise and select the proper questions. Every April, the primary test is held in four main areas including Northern Taiwan, Taoyuan Hsinchu Area, Middle Taiwan and Southern Taiwan. More than 1200 students attend the primary test (see Pic. 1) every year. Around 200 candidates are selected, based on their primary test grades, to take the final test that is held in May. The primary tests of year 2006, 2007 and 2008 are posted on the NSTM website(Appendix A shows three examples of the primary tests).

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