Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 8, Issue 1, Article 2 (June, 2007)
Evaluation of pre-service teachers' images of science teaching in Turkey

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Teacher Patterns

One hundred twenty four Turkish elementary pre-service teachers drew themselves as a science teacher talking to the class (58%), one hundred fifty five giving directions and demonstrating experiment (leading: 72%). As visual aids, one hundred six teachers were using computer, projector, and rarely charts (49%). One hundred ninety were standing (89%) behind the table or one hundred forty seven in fronts of chalkboards (69%).

Although many teachers were wearing well-cloths, like suits, ties, skirts and blouses, a few teachers were wearing facial hairs, lab coats, daily cloths like blue-jeans and t-shirts. Many teachers were smiling and had happy faces in their drawings. Some images showed the teacher with wild hair or a frown and was frustrated, angry and holding a ruler. Few of the pre-service teachers showed negative thoughts through their drawings about becoming science teachers related to bad experiences during their primary schooling years and/or the economical and physical problems of Turkish education system.



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