Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 8, Issue 1, Article 2 (June, 2007)
Evaluation of pre-service teachers’ images of science teaching in Turkey

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Analyzing the Data

In this study, 213 elementary pre-service teachers' teaching approaches were assessed using the Draw-a-Science-Teacher-Teaching Test Checklist (DASTT-C) and categorized along a continuum from student-centered to teacher-centered in orientation.

Three researchers found that some variables were difficult to score and not easily distinguishable from others.  For example, in some pictures teachers appeared to be leading and in charge.  It was difficult to determine whether teachers were lecturing, discussing, or giving directions except when the pre-service teacher had written what the teacher and/or students were saying and/or doing in the second page of survey.

Many pre-service teachers saw themselves as activity-oriented (hands-on) in the science classroom. In their drawings, most science concepts were selected from biology rather than other science areas. According to their narratives, most of students were aware of the importance of doing experiments and lab safety in teaching science but they did not indicate much information about science experimental techniques. Outdoor learning environments, science museums, science fairs, technology centers, and scientific research centers, were not drawn, and pre-service teachers rarely depicted drama, project-based learning and problem-based learning.



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