Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 8, Issue 1, Article 2 (June, 2007)
Evaluation of pre-service teachers’ images of science teaching in Turkey

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Appendix C:

DASTT-C Teaching Styles Continuum

Exploratory (0-4)

Conceptual (5-9)

Explicit (10-13)

1. Teacher believes students are capable of managing their own learning.

2. Curriculum is open to student interests.

3. Teacher leads and guides student activities/ investigations.

4. Teacher focuses on student questions as an instructional goal.

5. Alternative assessment measures student learning and knowledge.

1. Teacher believes students need themed, conceptual learning experiences.

2. Content is exploratory, organized around key concepts.

3. Teacher organizes the connections of content and processes of science.

4. Teacher-centered lessons include hands-on activities, group work, and discussion of ideas.

5. Tests check for understanding of important concepts.

1. Teacher believes students lack knowledge and need assistance in learning.

2. The curriculum is focused on specific outcomes.

3. Teacher is the knowledge conduit (telling is teaching).

4. Teacher initiates activities. Student input is acknowledged but not expected.

5. Tests focus on science content knowledge.

Column total:

Column total:

Column total:


1. Readacross each row. Check the column that best describes your beliefs.

2. Add the check marks in each column.

3. Compare your column totals. How does your teaching style choice align

with your DASTT-C score?


Adapted from : Thomas, J. A., Pedersen, J. E., & Finson, K. (2001). Validating the Draw-A-Science-Teacher-Test-Checklist (DASTT-C): Exploring mental models and teacher beliefs. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 12 (4), 295- 310.



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