Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 6, Issue 1, Foreword (Jun., 2005)
Promoting Science Teacher Ownership through STL Teaching
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The Way Forward what can be suggested worldwide

The following conclusions can be put forward:

  1. To effect teacher change, it is essential to use techniques similar to the writing workshop, which give teachers ownership of developed materials and teaching methods- scenario type approach seemed to be part of permanent ( and any) change
  2. Teacher ownership is important in directing teachers to follow developments and for motivation to work as a team. continuous collaboration was the major factor to determine the longitudinal permanent change towards ownership on teaching STL
  3. Consequence maps are effective tools in developing STL ownership among teachers.

This article was initiated by the fact that teachers have been left alone in the classroom. We tried to show that just developing a new curriculum or new materials for example, textbooks, are not the most essential tools for initiating better teaching. More than anything else teachers need to gain ownership of the idea, of measures of achievement, of self confidence and in stimulating peer-group support which is officially recognised.



The research was supported by an Estonian Scientific Foundation grant 5663. The diagnostic tools for longitudinal change were taken from the Comenius project SySTEM package and evaluated as part of the EU project.


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