Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 5, Issue 3, Article 8 (Dec., 2004)
Yeung Chung LEE and Pun Hon NG
Hong Kong primary pupils' cognitive understanding and reasoning in conducting science investigation: A pilot study on the topic of "Keeping Warm"
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The sample 

The sample of the whole study consisted of two Primary 4 classes and three Primary 5 classes from a total of three local primary schools. All the three schools (A, B, and C) were regarded as typical in that they were situated in public housing estates and with pupils of mixed abilities. The two Primary 4 classes were from Schools A and B and the three Primary 5 classes were from Schools A, B and C respectively. The age range of the Primary 4 pupils was from 9 to 10, while the age range of Primary 5 pupils was from 10 to 11. Only Primary 4 and 5 pupils were selected as the subject because they were considered to be more disciplined and could work more independently than their lower grade counterparts. Primary 6 pupils were not involved because of their commitment in high-stake assessments for promotion to the secondary level. Each of the classes involved was divided into seven to eight groups, with four to six pupils in each group. The original groupings of the class were retained to minimize disturbances to the pupils.


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