Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 5, Issue 3, Article 8 (Dec., 2004)
Yeung Chung LEE and Pun Hon NG
Hong Kong primary pupils' cognitive understanding and reasoning in conducting science investigation: A pilot study on the topic of "Keeping Warm"
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Purposes of the study

This study was intended to be a pilot research in response to the two questions raised in the beginning section and the literature review. To put them in more specific terms, they are

  1. to gauge the current cognitive understanding and reasoning ability of primary pupils in Grade 4 and 5 for tackling scientific investigation, with particular reference to the experimental design, the way that the plan was implemented, and the evaluation of the design and the results; and
  2. to identify whether there are any differences in this kind of understanding and ability between Grade 4 and 5 pupils.

There seems to be a general presumption in Hong Kong that pupils will progress evenly. This study will examine whether this is true in the context of scientific investigation and in what ways pupils in the two grades might differ.

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