Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 5, Issue 3, Foreword (Dec., 2004)
Agnes Shook Cheong CHANG
Promoting Thinking through Pedagogical Changes in Science Lessons
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Teacher modeling in promoting thinking in the classroom

Teachers have been reminded that they must provide their students with good models in behaviour. In the same way, students will be stimulated to think more if their teachers are consciously and constantly demonstrating thinking and reflective behaviour. The following are some suggestions that teachers may have already tried:

    1. Expecting students to explain responses
    2. Using “why” questions more frequently
    3. Asking “what if “ questions
    4. Emphasizing on elaboration
    5. Asking for alternative solutions to a problem
    6. Advising students on good scientific books, knowledge, movies or TV programmes
    7. Giving rationale for every step taken in a science practical or in problem solving
    8. Encouraging students to challenge statements or observations which are ambiguous or unclear.

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