Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 5, Issue 3, Foreword (Dec., 2004)
Agnes Shook Cheong CHANG
Promoting Thinking through Pedagogical Changes in Science Lessons
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Use of alternative forms of assessment

Paris and Ayres (1994) felt that for students to be motivated to do their work, new forms of assessment must be created that are sensitive to students’ backgrounds, motivation, effort and attitudes. They suggested the use of performance testing or portfolios or work examples where assessment is linked to class curriculum and is part of an on-going process in which students can appraise themselves. Students should regularly reflect on and critically analyze the strengths and weakness of their work, set goals, and identify ways to monitor their progress towards these goals. They could also review their progress through record keeping via logs and journals.

To develop students’ ability to critically self-assess their own answers and to examine and find their own errors, teachers could provide criteria in the form of questions or checklists which students may internalize with practice over time.


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