Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 15, Issue 1, Article 5 (Jun., 2014)
Çiğdem ŞAHİN
What do the prospective science teachers know about human eye?

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What do the prospective science teachers know about human eye?

Çiğdem ŞAHİN

Giresun University, Education Faculty, Department of Science Education 28200, Giresun/TURKEY


Received 22 Jan., 2013
Revised 22 May, 2014



In this study, the views of the Prospective Science Teacher (PST)s about human eye were examined. The following data collection tools were used: the Word Association Test (WAT), open ended questions, drawing technique, two tiered question item and an interview about concepts. The data of the study whose sample consisted of 34 PSTs were analyzed qualitatively and calculated repetition frequencies of their statements. Although most of the PSTs had taken an undergraduate course which included the subject of human eye, it was determined that they possessed insufficient knowledge-background and alternative concepts about the structure of human eye, the eye defects, its’ treatment and vision. Having discussed these reasons for the lack of sufficient knowledge background, suggestions were presented to promote effective teaching.

Keywords: human eye, human eye defects, treatment of human eye defects, prospective science teachers, probing understanding



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