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One purpose of the Asia Leadership Roundtable 2010 is to foster collaboration on specific research projects being conducted by the Roundtable participants. To facilitate this process, participants who have ongoing research projects or specific plans for new research projects have been invited to submit these for discussion during the Roundtable. The Research Briefs included on this page, therefore, describe research projects for which our researchers are seeking collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region. Note that some of the projects are already being conducted by regional researchers, while others are being conducted in Europe, North America or ANZ. During the Roundtable time has been set aside for researchers to discuss and 'recruit' interested colleagues to join their projects through the collection of parallel data in regional settings.


Initiators Research Project Title Download

Dr David Gurr &
Dr Lawrie Drysdale

Successful school leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region

Dr. Dato’ Abd Ghafar bin Mahmud Innovation in Educational Management and Leadership: High Impact Competency for Asia Pacific School Leaders Download
Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid

Exploring the Cultural Minds of Educational Leaders in a Multiracial Nation

Dr. Stephan G. Huber Self Assessment for school leadership - a web-based potential analysis instrument Download
Prof. Ellen Goldring Improving Principal Leadership through Professional Development, Feedback and Coaching Download

Professor Brian J. Caldwell

Leadership as capital Formation an Educational Transformations Asia Pacific Research Project

John MacBeath

Developing Leadership for Learning in Ghana: opportunities and challenges

Prof. Philip Hallinger Leading Change in the Asian Context Download
Dr. Yee Han Peter Joong Understanding the Ecologies of Education Reforms: Comparing the Perceptions of Secondary Teachers and Students in Five Countries Download






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Asia Leadership Roundtable 2010

January 11-12, 2010
Hong Kong Institute of Education

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