Asia Leadership Roundtable 2010: Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change will host an Asia Leadership Roundtable 2010 meeting to be held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education on Monday-Tuesday, January 11-12, 2010.

The Asia Leadership Roundtable 2010 will be held at HKIEd as a means of enhancing collaboration in research and development in the areas of educational leadership and change. Participants will be drawn from universities and training institutions in the Asia Pacific region as well as from our global partners. This will be one of the most significant meetings of scholars in educational leadership to take place in the region.

The Roundtable theme is Developing an Agenda for Research on Leadership and Change in the Asia Pacific. It is our hope that at this meeting our regional and global partners will have a chance to meet each other to discuss current research needs, the latest research trends, and future directions. Although we plan to have several short presentations, the Roundtable will be organized in a discussion format.

The Roundtable meeting is by invitation only and participation will be limited to 50 scholars drawn from four groups associated with our Centre: 1) Advisory Board members, 2) Senior Research Fellows, 3) Center Research Fellows and 4) Representatives of Cooperating Organizations and higher education Institutions who have signed or are in the process of signing an MOU with our Centre. Thus far we have received positive confirmation from 50 scholars in educational leadership from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We hope that the Roundtable will yield several concrete outcomes:

  1. A clearer picture of where the field stands today and
  2. An agenda for research in the domains of leadership and change of highest relevance in the region
  3. Enhanced personal/professional relationships that can form the foundation for future research and development collaboration
  4. Strengthening of the regional/global Network at both the individual and institutional level
  5. A journal issue that outlines the agenda in several relevant sub-domains of the field.
  6. Dissemination of the Roundtable meeting results in theme issues of Leadership and Policy in Schools and in the Journal of Research in Leadership Education.




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Asia Leadership Roundtable 2010

January 11-12, 2010
Hong Kong Institute of Education

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