Developing the
Principal Well-being Inventory:
A Pilot Study for Establishing the Principal Well-being Profile
in Hong Kong

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Chen Junjun
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Prof Allan Walker
Research Chair Professor
and Co-Director of APCLC
The Education University of Hong Kong

Dr Chan Ka Shing Kevin
Head, Department of Psychology,
The Education University of Hong Kong

Prof Chiu Chi Shing
Adjunct Professor of EPL
The Education University of Hong Kong

Dr Qian Haiyan
Director of APCLC
The Education University of Hong Kong

Funding Source
EdUHK Internal Research Fund 2021/22 for Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS)
Project Duration



The occupational well-being of school principals worldwide has significantly declined due to heavy demands and growing accountability. This situation is especially true for Hong Kong school principals currently experiencing unprecedented professional dilemmas arising from various political, social, and academic issues. However, understanding and tracking the occupational well-being of principals has largely been neglected in Hong Kong even though it has become a priority around the world with the establishment of the national principal occupational well-being profile.

Based on the PI’s GRF project on principal well-being, this pilot project aims to develop a culturally relevant, multidimensional instrument, the “Principal Well-being Inventory”, using a sample of 24 school principals in Hong Kong and validated by a three-expert panel. This project will develop a culturally relevant, multidimensional Principal Well-being Inventory (PWI), with the potential to establish an annually updated online principal occupational well-being profile that will allow international comparisons of principal well-being. In addition, this project will inform the development of training programmes for the preparation and ongoing support of principal well-being. This project will then better equip Hong Kong principals by strengthening their well-being capital, and school success.