Implementing a Design Thinking Curriculum in Pedagogy Courses to Nurture Creative Teachers

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Project Leader
Dr. Lam Bick Har
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Team Members
Dr Yang Lan
Dr Yang Min
Dr Ng Cheuk Wing Margaret
Dr Cheng Wing Yi Rebecca
Funding Source
Teaching Development Grant
Project Duration

This project applies the concept of design thinking in organising the curriculum of pedagogy courses and develop a set of creative and innovative materials with the purpose of helping pre-service students to master pedagogical knowledge effectively, in two interconnected phases. In the problem phase, students are asked to comprehend how a certain teaching strategy is planned and applied in specific learning situations by studying with a heterogeneous collection of authentic materials. In the production phase, students are involved in a full design thinking process involving ‘empathise’, ‘define’, ‘ideate’, ‘prototype’ and ‘test’ iteratively. Both quantitative and qualitative measurements will be used to identify effectiveness of the design thinking approach and to evaluate its impact on students regarding creative self-efficacy, teaching innovation and engagement. The project aligns closely with the university’s mission to prepare high quality, creative teachers, it will contribute to the scholarship of teaching by its interdisciplinary inquiry nature and innovative teaching materials outputs.