“Language-in-education policy
on the go: How policy is
‘written’ in universities in Cambodia”?

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Principal Investigator
Mr Chan Hum
Head, Personnel Office
University of Battambang
Dr Choi Taehee
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Prof Thomas M Clayton
University of Kentucky

Funding Source
University of Battambang
Project Duration
August 2019 to July 2021


This study aims to identify the diverse actors and contextual features which have shaped the language-in-education policy (LEP) in Cambodian universities, and the issues that have risen thereof. Drawing on a comparative mixed method study involving in-depth interviews, observations, and surveys with decision makers at multi-levels (e.g., vice rectors, directors and deputy directors, heads of the department, coordinators and lecturers at five universities), the study aims to understand the process of policymaking in language-in-education. It highlights the tensions created at multi-levels of individuals (e.g., diverging motivations and priorities), universities (competition in the job market) and overarching social changes (e.g., continuously changing status and values of languages in contend, international donors), and their implications for teaching and learning. It contributes to debates on language policy and planning (LPP) in a South East Asian context, which is recently gaining attention. The findings will inform the LPP in the case universities and contribute to the theorisation of LPP processes.


Chan H., & Choi, T.-H. (2020). Language-in-education policy formation through a consultation-based system: The case of multilingual curricula in Cambodian universities. The Journal of Asia TEFL, 17(2), 463-478.