Doctoral Students' Engagement
in Teaching at Higher Education:
A Case Study

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Choi Taehee
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Dr. Lu Jiafang
Dr. Ronnel Bornasal King
Mr. Prem Prasad Poudel
The Education University of Hong Kong

Funding Source
FEHD Innovative Teaching
[Beyond e-Learning] Grant
Project Duration


This project aims to identify and address the difficulties post-graduate/Doctoral students and instructors face, while engaging in the initiative of the RPG and EdD Students for Engagement in Teaching Activities (RPG/EdD Teaching Initiative hereafter). Considering the fact that many of those students aspire to become an academic, developing their capacity in teaching as well as in research is imperative. With the Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD) having already developed the guidelines for the initiative, now it is high time to develop the content for teaching-related development of the students.