An Adaptive Blended Learning Platform for Business Teachers and Students to Work as a Learning Community

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Project Investigator
Dr. Maxwell Ho Chun Sing
Scholar Practitioner Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Professor Chiu Chi Shing
Dr. Lu Jiafang
The Education University of Hong Kong
Funding Source
Quality Education Fund
Project Duration


An increasing number of business teachers in Hong Kong adopt e-learning resources to enhance their pedagogy and teaching content. However, students rarely uptake these resources for learning. A main reason for the discrepancy in the use of e-learning resources between teachers and students is that most teachers lack professional training and experience in developing comprehensive e-learning resources for teaching business subjects. Theoretically, little research to date has investigated the effects of hybrid, technologically flexible delivery initiatives on learning outcomes, which is particularly the case in the fields of accounting.

The current project adopts a professional learning community approach to assist teacher professional training and collaboration as well as to address the theoretical void. It aims to develop a cross-school adaptive blended learning platform where teachers can tripartitely work with EdUHK professionals and teachers in the Hong Kong Association for Business Teachers (HKABE) to develop blended learning materials for various business topics that support student learning and even enable student’ self-study.

Expected Outcomes

  • To provide blended learning materials for teachers and students;
  • To expand a cross-school professional network of business-subject teachers in Hong Kong; and.
  • To build an ecological system where teachers and university researchers can share, actualise, monitor, and evaluate the innovative ideas for teaching and learning.