Diversity and Academic Discussion in the Classroom: Using Perspective Taking to improve Process and Educational Outcomes of Small-Group Discussion in the Classroom

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Project Leader
Dr. Emma Buchtel
The Education University of Hong Kong
Team Member
Dr. Lu Jiafang
Funding Source
FEHD Innovative Teaching
Beyond E-Learning Grant 2018/19
Project Duration

Invigorating, student-led academic discussion does not happen naturally in university classrooms. This project aims at developing critical thinking and academic conversation skills of university students by:
  1. Developing pedagogical activities and student skill-building for academic discussion that
    a) elicits higher-level thinking, elaborations and explanations;
    b) encourages all members to share diverse views and perspectives, especially those from cultures encouraging indirect communication;
    c) is mutually respectful and enjoyable
  2. Evaluating student outcomes with both quantitative and qualitative data;
  3. Producing a Mahara website for sharing the methods and outcomes with others