Designing Dissonances, Fallacies and Contrasting Situations to Recraft Students' Pedagogical Reasoning in Professional Studies Courses

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Project Leader
Dr. Lam Bick Har
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Team Members
Dr. Cheng Chi Keung
Dr. Cheng Wing Yi
Dr. Lu Jiafang
Funding Source
FEHD Innovative Teaching
Beyond E-Learning Grant 2018/19
Project Duration

This project aims to enhance students’ pedagogical reasoning based on the knowledge students learn in the targeted courses, linking theory to practice in the learning context of students.
  1. To design dissonances, fallacies and contrasting situations in a variety of learning and teaching activities for the targeted courses to enable students to learn in an inquiry learning approach;
  2. To enhance students’ pedagogical reasoning (PR), students’ overall learning effectiveness, and motivation of learning in the targeted courses;
  3. To share the instructional materials and teaching guides developed from the project that can be applied in courses across Faculties/Departments, and the case of scholarship of teaching.