Inclusion Emotion Regulation into a Core Undergraduate Course

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Principal Project Supervisor
Dr. Chen Junjun
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Dr. Tang Hei Hang Hayes
Mr Hui Hon Wing
Dr. Zhan Ying
Dr. Lee Tai Hoi Theodore
Funding Source
Teaching Development Grant
Project Duration

This project aims at enhancing student teachers’ understanding of emotion regulation and cultivating their capacity on emotion regulation to improve their performance in Field Experience. These have been achieved through the inclusion of an intervention on emotion regulation in a core undergraduate course, which is offered just before Field Experience. The project is designed using comparison groups – experimental and control groups with a mixed method. Various qualitative and quantitative sources of data will be collected. The qualitative data comprise pre- and post-interviews. 12 students for experimental and control groups respectively participate the two rounds of interview. These 24 students will be asked to video one lesson and hand it to the project team. Quantitatively, the pre-survey on emotion regulation will be conducted with 240 students in the first lecture of the course and the post-survey will be conducted to the same group after Field Experience. 240 student’s performance in Field Experience will be collected for comparison analysis.