Trajectory from Good School to Great School: Change Management Processes from Professional Capital and Ambidexterity Perspectives

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Ko Yue On James
Associate Director
and Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Professor Allan Walker
Professor Hui Chun
Professor Pamela Sammons
Funding Source
Internal Research Grant of EdUHK 2017/18
Project Duration


The study will adopt two theoretical perspectives, professional capital and ambidexterity, to explain schools’ change efforts and related policies to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education (Curriculum Development Council, 2015). By synthesising the two perspectives, we will examine how successful STEM education requires both investment in professionalising teachers and developing ambidextrous strategies for achieving both excellence and innovation. The study will adopt a mixed-method approach, with qualitative data collected from systematic observations inside and outside classrooms, documents of team/school meetings and principal/teacher interviews, and quantitative data collected from classroom observations and student/teacher surveys.