Investigating Effective and Inspiring Teaching in Science Classrooms in Diverse Contexts: Comparative Embedded Case Studies at Guangzhou and Hong Kong Schools

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Ko Yue On James
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Funding Source
Internal Research Grant of EdUHK 2016/17


Recent qualitative research on inspiring teachers (Sammons et al., 2014) suggests inspiring teachers affect people differently, but calls for quantitative evidence to distinguish effective and inspiring teaching because both seem to share some common characteristics, for example, stimulating classroom climate. By using classroom observation instruments on both effective and inspiring teaching, we will compare and contrast these two aspects of teaching in their corresponding teaching characteristics, their consistency across lessons, and their respective developmental stages. This study will further develop the ambivalent demarcations between effective and inspiring teaching using multiple classroom observation instruments. We will explore whether teachers perceive the ability to inspire others is a quality that makes an effective person a great one (Covey, 2005), or it is just a rarer effective teaching quality or it affects students differently.