School Leadership Team Meetings: What is Happening Inside and Outside?

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Lu Jiafang
Associate Director and Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Funding Source
Departmental Research Grant


Teams often fail to achieve their potential due to “process losses”, such as dilution of individual responsibility, and difficulty in resolving conflict. However, in an age where school principals increasingly rely on teams to lead their schools, there is considerable ambivalence in the literature about how the school leadership teams operates and impacts. Specifically, little is known about how diverse information is processed, how possible courses of action are identified, and how the decisions were implemented after the meeting. 

The meetings of school leadership team members function as the main terrace for SLT members to exert concertive efforts, where they could discuss and reflect on school issues, decide future development directions, establish school structure, assign division of work among team members, and set the standard and criterion for assessing the work at school. Thus the school leadership teams meeting creates an efficient research site for studying the information transaction, team interaction, decision making process, as well as decision implementation results. This project aims at identifying a valid, feasible, and well-grounded approach to studying the dynamics and process of SLT meetings.