Leadership in Curriculum Studies: Asian Perspectives

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Principal Investigator
Professor Edmond Law
Research Fellow of APCLC, The Education University of Hong Kong
Professor Katsuhiro Yamazumi
Funding Source
Departmental Research Fund, EdUHK and Tokyo Gagukei University Japan
Project Duration


Discussions about school based innovations as one of the main strategies to bring about changes have been with us for over thirty years in the Western countries. In Asia, the responses to change and innovations are reactive rather than active or pro active in nature and in practice. The aim of this project is to conduct field work in two Japanese schools in Tokyo on their curriculum organization and infra structure so that the theory and practices of school based curriculum development (SBCD) could be revisited from the Asian perspectives. 

  1. To investigate the leadership activities and development in Japanese schools;
  2. To conduct field work in Japanese schools in Tokyo;
  3. To contribute to the discussion of curriculum innovations in international journals from the Asian perspectives

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