Centre News Archive - 2016

Tin Ka Ping Foundation Supporting School Leadership in Chinese Socieities
Visit for Professor Anne Welle-Strand of Norwegian Business School, Norway
Visit for Professor Chiu Ming-ming of Purdue University, USA
Visit for Dr. Hu Rongkun of Beijing Institute of Education, China
APCLC-EPL Learning Seminar on Exploring the Link Between Student Participation in the International Baccalaureate Continuum and Student Learning Outcomes
APCLC-FEHD Learning Seminar on Publishing in Academic Journals
Professional Learning Programme for Teacher Leader Trainers in Guangdong Hakka Region
EPL-APCLC Research Seminar on School Autonomy, Leadership & Learning: A Reconceptualization & The Development of School Autonomy in Hong Kong: Multiple Changes
Keynote Address at the 9th Asian Chinese Experiential Education Conference by Prof. Cheng Yin Cheong
Leaders from 7 countries graduate from IELC
Invited Presentation for the Asian Development Bank and the HEAD Foundation, Singapore
Knowledge Transfer and Professional Development Programme for The Faculty of Guangdong University of Education
Paper Presentation at the First International Annual Meeting of ICALT3 Project by Dr James Ko and Dr Tiffany Li
Paper Presentation at the 2016 UCEA Annual Convention by Dr Qian Haiyan
Paper Presentation at the 2016 UCEA Annual Convention by Dr Elson Szeto and Dr Annie Cheng
APCLC-EPL Leader Learning Seminar on Agentive Perceptions, School Readiness and Observational Data on Young Children: Towards a Big Data Approach