Welcome Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the Service Leadership 3Cs for Entrepreneurial Teacher Leaders project. This project is an innovative initiative with the aim of training and nurturing school leaders with entrepreneurial and service mindset.

Economies in the developed countries and cities are increasingly dominated by service. Hong Kong, as a globally fluent metropolitan city, is no exception with over 95% of its GPD generated from the service industry.

With the transformation from manufacturing in the 19th-20th Century to service in the 21st Century, Hong Kong needs to quickly respond and embrace changes by adapting the right kind of mindset and leading skill. Service Leadership emphasizes on people leadership which is “to lead by engaging and inspiring with 3Cs – Competence, Character and Care”. It is completely different from the old manufacturing mindset of top-down where people are micromanaged.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are already in the Service Age. Nurturing 3Cs leaders and delivering service excellence is the only tool to maintain competitiveness in the ever-changing global challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

The future of Hong Kong lies in your hands. Its success will be heavily influenced by our 3Cs – Doing things right (Competence), doing the right thing (Character) with the right heart (Care).

I sincerely wish all of you a fruitful and rewarding time at this project. Please do continue to stay healthy and positive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you.

Po Chung


Service Leadership Education Limited