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2nd Call for Book Chapter Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to contribute a book chapter for a reviewed volume titled

SDG3 Health and Wellbeing:

Re-calibrating the Sustainable Development Goal's Agenda

This book will be a volume in the Sustainable Development Goals series, published by Emerald.

This book will explore topics surrounding contemporary discussions concerning implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Wellbeing to All for All Ages. It will cover concepts and concerns, as well as include practical case studies from implementations of SDG 3 from different regions of the world. The book aims to meet needs of those interested in in-depth explorations of current developments around SDG3 from disciplinary academic fields, in local and global communities, and by different stakeholders. Aligning with the SDG series goals, the book will highlight holistic and integrated implementation of SDG 3 measures from policy, practice, and research towards fostering robust collaborative sustainable development (SD) networks and concrete grounded SD strategies that respond to local and global needs. Please let one of the co-editors listed below know that you accept this invitation and are willing to contribute to the volume. You are required to send email to one of the co-editors as soon as possible and include the following information:

· tentative title of your chapter

· 3-5 keywords

· short (100-150 words) abstract. Depending on the scope of your study, your abstract might include background information and/or a purpose statement, sample and method of your study, results and/or findings, and a discussion and conclusion and/or implications.

· Three names of the nominated expert reviewers

Please note that this invitation does not automatically imply inclusion of your chapter in the book volume. Final approval will be granted by the editors and it will be based on blinded peer reviews.

We expect to make a decision on the submitted abstracts on or before March 31, 2018. We will directly follow up authors' chapter manuscritps, which should be between 5,000 to 8,000 words.

We are looking forward to your manuscripts.


With our best regards,


Dr. Tamara, SAVELYEVA    The Education University of Hong Kong                

Dr. Hartley BANACK           The University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)                                                                                                     

Dr. Stephanie LEE                The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SPEED) 






12 December 2017

Decolonizing Pedagogies Workshop


Dr. Tamara conducted a “Decolonizing Pedagogies Workshop” organized by the International Institute for Higher Education Research and Capacity Building and the Center for Comparative and Global Education in collaboration with Loyola Marymount University, New Delhi, India. Dedicated to globalizing indigenous knowledge of innovative and authentic instructional methods, the workshop attracted over 70 faculty members from international universities.



In the 2017 Conference of The Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia held in Newcastle, Australia during 1-5 December 2017, Dr. Tamara Savelyeva presented the paper entitled “From Biosphere to Noosphere: Vladimir Vernadsky and a discussion on sustainability consciousness”.


24 November 2017

Forum on Circular Economy and Sustainable Development


Together with a team of Hong Kong co-investigators, led by Prof Ngok Lee of UNESCO Hong Kong Association. Dr Tamara Savelyeva presented at the Forum on Circular Economy and Sustainable Development. The event was organized by the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University in partnership with the Chinese National Commission of UNESCO and UNESCO Hong Kong Association.

Dr Savelyeva also conducted a presentation with the curricular development team in the Forum, aiming to train Beida faculty members on the teaching and learning aspects and innovative pedagogical approaches of the post-graduate diploma in sustainable development planning, developed by our team. Below are the outcomes of this event:

  • The team presented a newly designed Sustainable Development Planner’s postgraduate curriculum to Guanghua School of Management faculty members and administrators. This promoted the FEHD’s high professional qualities and engagement in designing curricula that has an impact on regional and international ESD policy implementation;
  • The presentation to Beida faculty members publicized and confirmed the established reputation of FEHD as a leader in regional and international curricular development and EdUHK image of top university in education. This curricular project strengthen links with Peking University on the grounds of ESD policy implementation; and
  • The presentation strengthen regional and international networks with top schools and scholars from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, who expressed their willingness to collaborate further on the related educational policy projects.

The Hong Kong curriculum development team (left to right: Prof. Ngok Lee, Ms. Tina Wong, Dr. Tamara Savelyeva)


Forum organizers receiving a FEHD gift: (left to right) Prof. Wang, Liyan, Director, Center of Social Responsibility, Guanghua School of Management; Dr. Karen Q Zhang, Director, Hong Kong Institute of ESD; Dr. Tamara Savelyeva, FEHD, EdUHK; Prof. Ngok Lee, Vice President, UNESCO Hong Kong Association


Presentation group, Guanghua School of Management


Dr Tamara Savelyeva presenting to Peking University faculty members


26 September 2017

The 2nd International Conference on Comparative Education


On 26 September 2017, the PI Dr. Tamara Savelyeva was invited to give a presentation titled “Globally Innovative Curriculum, Practices and Formation of Sustainability-minded Students in Hong Kong” in the 2nd International Conference on Comparative Education with the theme “Understanding the Landscape of High Performing Education System: Antecedence, Salience and Congruence”; organized by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Regional Centre for Innovation Technology (SEAMEO-INNOTECH) in Quezon City, Philippines.

The conference presentation certificate

During the same day, the PI was invited to conduct a workshop with the topic “Developing Sustainable Learning Environment in Education” for the 2017 Knowledge Exchange Lecture Series in University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. More than 30 local school leaders and teachers attended the workshop in which they were enthusiastically joined various activities e.g. theme-based discussions and sharing among peers, etc.



Group photos of the PI and the participants   


    Group discussions and sharing among peers  


30 June 2017

The 2017 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference


The PI, Dr. Tamara Savelyeva, attended the 2017 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference ( held on 27-30 June, 2017.

In the conference, Dr. Savelyeva conducted a Poster Presentation (please feel free to read the poster below), through which she briefly introduced the background, objectives, methodologies, and findings of the project to peers from other universities. 

Subsequent to the Poster presentation, Dr. Savelyeva gave a Conference Presentation titled “Students’ self-perception of their sustainability consciousness resulted from Hong Kong’s Liberal Education curricula”, in which she did not only share the major findings from the survey data of 3251 participants but also partook experiences on various knowledge transfer workshops and events held for teachers and students.



8 March 2017

Student Project Presentations for the Sustainable Environment  Program in Science Park, HK


(Left to right) Dr. TSANG Yiu Fai from EdUHK, Dr. SAVELYEVA Tamara from EdUHK and Dr. AU Ho Leung from Vocational Training Council


3 December 2016

Campus visit and project collaboration meeting with scholars from University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu-City, Philippines.



On the picture:  Dr. Agnes Cinco-Sequiño, our Director of the Center for Policy, Research and Development Studies, Dr. Jessica M. Avenido, Head of the Journal Publication and Management Unit, Mr. Jesse Susada, ITSO Staff and Researcher, and Engr. Randy Salazar, Research Coordinator from our College of Engineering, Dr. Jae Park , EdUHK, Hong Kong , and Dr. Tamara Savelyeva, EdUHK, Hong Kong.


1 December 2016

Dr Tamara Savelyeva's seminar entitled "Success Factors of Vocational Education Policies in Korea: Building Partnership" under the UNESCO Chair Research Seminar Series.



12 November 2016

Workshop under the UNESCO HK ESD Learning Sustainable Environment program


Dr. Tamara Savelyeva of IELL and Dr. Chris Tsang of Dept of Science and Environmental Studies orginized a workshop on local sustainable environments for Hong Kong secondary school teachers and students on November 12. The workshop attracted over 50 young leaders of sustainability, who under guidance of Dr. Tsang explored the city’s sustainable places, spaces and practices. The workshop is part of the UNESCO HK ESD Learning Sustainable Environment program, directed by Dr. Tamara Savelyeva.


19 October 2016

Meeting with Prof. Hans de Wit, director of the Boston College Centre for International Higher Education to discuss research collaboration possibilities