Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 13, Issue 2, Article 6 (Dec., 2012)
The use of ICT in teaching tertiary physics: Technology and pedagogy

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The use of ICT in teaching tertiary physics: Technology and pedagogy


Nhung NGUYEN1,2, John WILLIAMS1 and Tuan NGUYEN2

1The University of Waikato, NEW ZEALAND

2Can Tho University, VIETNAM


Received 12 Sept., 2012
Revised 31 Dec., 2012



In the light of the education reform driven by Vietnam’s government, information communication technologies (ICTs) are becoming integrated into education, while concurrently, teaching approaches are shifting from teacher-centred to student-centred in Vietnam’s universities. The innovation is top-down and is being applied on a large scale. Emerging from this innovation are some important issues about technology and pedagogy that need to be investigated.

The aim of this research focuses on applications of ICTs and pedagogy underpinning these innovations in teaching Physics at a tertiary level. The research aim is specified in three research questions:
(1) What ICT applications do lecturers use in teaching Physics?
(2) How often do they use ICTs in teaching?
(3) What is the lecturers’ pedagogy in using ICTs in teaching Physics?

The 45 Physics lecturers and the 12 students who participated in this research were from different universities and represented both gender, and a range of ages and experience in education.

The findings of the research show that the most popular and frequent application of ICTs is MS PowerPoint used to support face-to-face lectures. The pedagogy underpinning the use of MS PowerPoint appears to be helping students to understand Physics phenomena, and so assist their learning in Physics.

Keywords: information communication technology, technology, pedagogy, physics



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