EdUHK strives to promote sustainable development on campus through signing the “Food Wise Charter” organized by the Environment Bureau and pledging to promote the message of food waste reduction within our campus community. Therefore we have introduced a new initiative, namely the “Food Waste Recycling Program”, aiming to reduce the waste taken to landfills by recycling the food waste.

Starting from 1 September 2013, with the joint efforts of all caterers on campus, all the food waste generated from the catering outlets on Tai Po Campus are collected for recycling. By using the food waste, the recycler turns it into valuable resources such as fertilizer and animal feed. All staff and students are encouraged to participate by taking the following simple steps to help separate the food waste after meal:

  1. Separate and dispose of the non food waste (e.g. tissue, toothpicks, straws and food packaging) properly into rubbish bin or recycle bin.
  2. Leave the food waste such as leftovers and food scraps on your plate and return them along with your tray to the tableware collection point for further processing.

Of course, our ultimate goal is to reduce the food waste collected as much as possible. Therefore please consider ordering just enough food to minimize leftovers. We wish to establish a green culture on our campus and to enhance your awareness about food waste reduction. Your support and contribution will be highly appreciated.

Green Monday is an environmental campaign that promotes healthy and sustainable living in Hong Kong. It starts with going meatless diet on Mondays to reduce carbon footprints and improve personal health. It does not require a big lifestyle change or a huge time commitment. Just one day a week will make a difference to your health as well as the health of the planet.

Starting from Monday, 31 March 2014, the Institute will join Green Monday campaign and all catering outlets on Tai Po Campus are participating by offering additional vegetarian options on every Monday. Moreover, you will receive discount on selected vegetarian items in Cove View (Canteen) on Mondays as well. Let’s go meatless on every Monday!

To learn more about the benefits of eating green, you are welcome to visit Green Monday’s website at

It’s all about small steps, just one day a week. Start living green by eating meatless on every Monday.





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