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Minor or Electives courses offered in Semester 2, 2022-23

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Course Code Course Title Discipline Focus/ Foci Instructors
GGP4030 Accreditation and Certification for Tourism Industry 15 Geography LIU SHUWEN KAREN
SSC1011 Chinese Culture and Identity Sociology/ Chinese History MA KIN HANG MATT
SSC3186 Climate Change and Society Environmental Studies/ Geography HARRIS PAUL GORDON
GGP3019 Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management 8,15 Anthropology/ Geography MA KIN HANG MATT
SSC4314 Digital Communities in the Information Age 6 Sociology/ politics TO BE ANNOUNCED
SSC3316 Environmental Ethics Ethics in Environmental Issues MOK KA TUNG FRANCIS
GGP4010 Geomorphology and Hydrology Geography FOK LINCOLN (SES)
SSC3104 Global Environmental Governance 3 Politics/ Environmental Studies HARRIS PAUL GORDON
GGP3022 Global Environmental Issues Geography CHEUNG KIN WAI NORMAN
GGP2021 Globalizing China: The People and Development Geography CHEUNG KIN WAI NORMAN
SSC2038 History of Modern China 1,2 Chinese History CHAN YIU MING GORDON
SSC4215 Hong Kong and the Global Economy 7 Politics/ Economics WONG YEE HANG MATHEW
SSC4305 Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area: Opportunities and Challenges 13 Politics CHEUNG TSAN YIN PETER
SSC4218 Hong Kong’s Policing in Response to Global and Cross-border Crime 10 Politics HO KA KI LAWRENCE
SSC1193 Internet, Politics and Law 10 Law/ Politics CHEUNG TOMMY
IBS3147 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business 7,10 Law/ Business Studies CHAN YIU MING GORDON
SSC2219 Legal Reforms in Modern China 10 Law/ Politics CHAN YIU MING GORDON
SSC3019 Local Themes and Issues 2 Sociology/ Politics/ Education LAW KAM YEE
BUS3015 Management and Cost Accounting Accounting/ Business Studies LAW KIM FAI ERIC
BUS1022 Management and Human Resources Development Management/ Business Studies CHENG WAN SUEN VINCENT
SSC3264 NGOs and Social Innovations 12 Multi-disciplinary BONG NGAN WING ADAM
IBS1126 Personal Financial Planning Financial Studies/ Business Studies LAW KIM FAI ERIC
SSC3054 Perspectives on Citizenship Sociology/ Politics/ Education HO KA KI LAWRENCE
GGP3018 Principles and Practice of Ecotourism 8,15 Geography LIU SHUWEN KAREN
SSC3310 Qualitative Research Methods 6 Sociology CHAN KIT WA ANITA
SSC2253 Social Theory For Critical Thinking 6 Sociology LI YUET MAN BENJAMIN
SSC3213 Society and Culture: Hong Kong Context 6 Sociology LO TIN YAU JOE
GGP2020 Spatial Data Analysis and GIS 8 Geography CHEUNG TING ON LEWIS
SSC4313 Sports and Community Development 6 Sociology HO KA KI LAWRENCE
BUS4026 Strategic Management Business Studies CHENG WAI LUN EDDIE
SSC3058 Study of Local History 1,9 Chinese History/ Anthropology MA KIN HANG MATT
HIS1001 Study of Pre-modern Chinese History 1 Chinese History/ Politics LEUNG CHO NGA/ LEUNG YUE SANG
SSC3143 Transnational Migration and Development in Global Cities 11 Politics/ Sociology HUI LAI HANG DENNIS
SSC3243 Urban Growth, Governance and Smart City Development 3,11 Geography HUI LAI HANG DENNIS
SSC3309 Urban Communities and Liveability Sociology/ Geography HUI LAI HANG DENNIS
GGP4011 Urbanization and Transportation: Theory and Policy 11 Geography CHOW SIN YIN ALICE
SSC3234 Values Pluralism and Cultural Diversity in Hong Kong 2,6,9 Sociology MOK KA TUNG FRANCIS

GE courses offered in Semester 2, 2022-23

Course Code Course Title Discipline Focus/ Foci Instructors
GEK1004 Civic Values, Character Formation and Positive Education Citizenship TBA
GEG1014 Gender & Society Sociology PAN SUYAN
GEG1020 Love, Intimacy & Families: Myths & Inequalities Sociology TO WAI CHUN CLARA

Co-curricular and Service Learning (CSL) course offered in Semester 2, 2022-23

Course Code Course Title Discipline Focus/ Foci Instructors
CSL1011/ GEM1005 Service Based Learning for School SEN Students Useful to your generic skills BONG NGAN WING ADAM


1. Courses for minor in Chinese History 2. Courses for minor in National & Moral Education 3. Courses for minor in Global Governance Studies
4. Courses for minor in General Studies 5. Courses for minor in Liberal Studies 6. Courses for minor in Social Studies
7. Courses for minor in Business Career Development 8. Courses for minor in Resources Management 9. Courses for minor in Hong Kong Studies
10. Courses for minor in Law and Society 11. Courses for minor in Urban Sustainability 12. Courses for minor in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation
13. Courses for minor in Citizenship and Social Development 14. Courses for minor in Education and Society 15. Courses for minor in Sustainable Tourism