Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Social Sciences aims to be an international leader in social science research and education that empowers citizens with creative, critical, and transformational thinking skills, keen social and environmental awareness, and the confidence and empathy to serve actively to better local, national, and global societies and the natural environment.


We will maximize the synergy of our diversity of expertise and scholarship in multiple social science disciplines in the Hong Kong, Chinese, Asian, and global contexts to

  • Advance internationally-excellent social science and education research
  • Carry out the highest standard of teaching in the interdisciplinary social sciences and social science education
  • Inspire students to make use of scientific methods to actively engage in exploration and inquiry into social issues in multiple geographical contexts
  • Engage actively in research-grounded knowledge exchange and development with schooling, professional, non-governmental organization, business, and government communities



詳情及網上申請 詳情及網上申請


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in
Global and Hong Kong Studies 
Master of Social Sciences in
Global and Hong Kong Studies





Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in
Liberal Studies Education


Bachelor of Education (Honours)

Bachelor of Education (Honours)
(Business, Accounting and Financial Studies)


Star Programme in Global and Environmental Studies
(successfully revalidated by HKCAAVQ in July 2013)

Great news on our graduates in Bachelor of Social Sciences in Global and Environmental Studies (GES) programme. In the most recent survey of GES graduates in late 2016, many of them are now working in the private and public sectors, including positions as public servants, management trainees, training assistants, marketing assistants, project executives and safety officers. Some graduates are pursuing Master degree studies in environmental management and urban planning.

Star Programme in Liberal Studies Education

Congratulations to the graduates of 2016 of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal Studies Education for their success in career development and further studies.

Many of them are employed in primary schools, secondary schools or other institutions in the education field. Some are working in public and private sectors such as government departments, social services sectors, banks, property management companies, merchandising companies, travel agencies, etc.  A number of them also pursue further studies by enrolling in postgraduate programmes offered by local or overseas universities. These suggest the high employability of the programme’s graduates and recognitions by employers in various fields and industries.

Student Activities

Our students in the Liberal Studies Education program presented their views toward social activism and the role of Legislative Council at the annual conference of the Hong Kong Sociological Association held at the Education University of Hong Kong on December 6, 2014.


GES Internship 2013 - A video about Crossroads internship