Students' Stories & Voices

Congratulations to BAFS students for winning awards at the 9th Outstanding Prospective Teachers Award

Two BAFS students have been awarded at the 9th Hong Kong Outstanding Prospective Teachers Award. Mr. LO Wing Kong Jacky (currently a BAFS year-5 student) won a Gold award and Mr. LEE Kwok Shing (currently a BAFS year-4 student) won a Silver award. We are delighted to have them share their joy and passion for education in the following paragraphs.

BEd(BAFS) Year 5 student Mr. LO Wing Kong Jacky (Gold award winner)

I am glad that I received a gold award in the 9th Hong Kong Outstanding Prospective Teachers Award. I am grateful for all instructions and inspiration given by different professors at EdUHK. Special thanks go to Mr. Kelvin Kwok and Mr. Sunny Li, my supporting teachers in my FE, for their nomination for this Teachers Award and all BAFS teachers for their teaching and caring.

From my point of view, passion for education is one of the most critical essential qualities of a good teacher. In the school context, teachers need to work for long hours and under pressure. Besides teaching, teachers have to be responsible for administrative work and student development. Teachers are willing to keep contributing their time and efforts to meet their objectives. The passion for education plays a vital role in motivating teachers consistently.

In addition, a good teacher should be sensitive to the changes in the world. In the fast-changing and ever-growing modern world, a lot of new knowledge emerges every day. Take BAFS as an example, the number of constituent companies of the Hang Sheng Index keeps changing over the years. Teachers should follow the updated information to ensure the timeliness of the teaching contents.

I believe in God's plan for everyone's life and the uniqueness of everyone. A teacher's role is to explore students' strengths and interests. Hope that everyone who is reading this article can discover your vision of being a teacher.

BEd(BAFS) Year 4 student Mr. LEE Kwok Shing Jayden (Silver award winner)

I'm honored to receive a silver award in the ninth Hong Kong Outstanding Prospective Teachers Award. During the preparation, I designed a lesson that used different teaching pedagogy but mainly used a student-centered approach. I was well-prepared on the lesson plan, PowerPoint, and other materials to facilitate my teaching. On the presentation day, I had to give a teaching presentation and was interviewed by the judges, all of them secondary school principals. They asked me some questions about the reasons for designing the lesson, BAFS content, and education prospects. I was pleased that they provided me some valuable suggestions and improvements, which made me know how a better BAFS teacher in the future can be. I will keep improving my teaching ability and equip myself well in the future. Finally, I would like to thank for Professor Christina Yu’s nomination and her mentorship in this award.

I think a good teacher should always maintain enthusiasm and professionalism in teaching. In addition, he/she should maintain good behavior at all times to become students’ role models and be familiar with the subject knowledge and impart it to students correctly. A good teacher should also use different strategies and skills to motivate students learning. Hence, teachers should always trust their students and encourage them to try everything they want. More importantly, a good teacher should be patient and helpful, accompany students to grow, pay more attention to their needs and difficulties, and continue to communicate with them to establish a good teacher-student relationship. Being a good teacher is not easy, but if you decide to be a teacher, you need to keep the original intention and make a positive impact on students.