Students' Stories & Voices

A remarkable international business challenge faced by BEd(BAFS) teams 2021

Marco Business Simulation ECase Competition 2021

Five BEd(BAFS) Year 4 students (Chu Lai Hang; Lo Wing Kong; Ma King Lok; Ng Hok Yu; Yung Sing Yu) formed a team and participated in the MBS ECase Competition 2021 in March - June. The competition was organized by Icetech HK Ltd with around 30 teams from 11 Hong Kong tertiary institutes and more than 20 teams from Asia universities (China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam). Participants were required to utilise the business simulation platform to address and analyze different scenarios qualitatively and quantitatively in order to make decisions for optimal financial performance for their companies. After participating in 6 rounds of training workshops and simulation games during March and April, teams joined the final competition in June. Despite the keen competition from both HK and overseas teams, our BAFS team “Startupper” managed to enter the Grand Final, in which they had to prepare a presentation extemporaneously to illustrate their business strategies and decisions in front of a panel of honorable judges from academic and industrial sectors. Overall, we were ranked 5th place in total and 2nd place among all HK teams. 

The competition provides a virtual dynamic business environment for us to polish our decision-making skills, cooperative skills and financial literacy, which is conducive to our future teaching and sharpens our competitive edge. To celebrate this remarkable result, we would like to express our gratitude to our supervisor, Dr. Vincent Cheng, for providing us with lots of support and guidance. We would also like to say many thanks to Icetech HK Ltd. for organising such an extraordinary competition for business students.

Receiving Certificates from Icetech HK Ltd.

“Startupper” Team" (Ma King Lok; Chu Lai Hang; Ng Hok Yu; Yung Sing Yu; Lo Wing Kong; Dr. Vincent Cheng)

Attending the competition online at Hong Kong Metropolitan University (formerly known as the  Open University of Hong Kong)

TIHK Online Tax Competition

Four of BEd BAFS Year 4 students (Chu Lai Hang; Lau Rachel: Ng Hok Yu; Ng Kei Ying) formed a team and joined TIHK Online Tax Competition(粵港澳大灣區大專生綫上稅務爭霸戰) which was organized by The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong. The participants came from the universities of Greater Bay Area (Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau). Participants were required to do a deep discussion on the taxation topic. The competition was held from April to June. During the competition we attended 2 workshops, and the preliminary stage of the competition. 

This was the first time we learned about taxation. In the preliminary stage, we needed to discuss ‘transfer pricing’, which was a new term to us. It was similar to an honour project, we needed to set the research question, did literature review and conclude the find out. We read a lot of related readings and news. The Institute gave us a chance to use Wkinfo's online platform. Although we only got 7th place in this competition, we gained a lot of knowledge and experience. It was definitely an eye-opening experience to study taxation. We are very grateful to Dr. Vincent Cheng spends most of the time to join the meeting with us, and guide us on the competition. We would like to thank TIHK for providing this experience to us, we learned a lot.