Students' Stories & Voices

Understanding Hong Kong’s Connection with the World - Exploring the Greater Vancouver

My classmates and I joined the study trip to Vancouver organized by the Department of Social Sciences in this summer. We went to Vancouver for attending 2-day lectures in the University of British Columbia (UBC) and sightseeing during 15th- 23rd June 2019. The excellent lectures conducted by Prof. Mui Chung Yan and Prof. Christopher Rea were the most impressive part in this study trip. We attended the classes on the immigrant policy and difficulties of Hong Kong immigrants in Canada, the importance of research study and Chinese comedy culture. All these benefited us a lot.

Before the trip, I was wondering that buildings and culture in Vancouver are like those found in other western countries. However, Chinese culture also permeates Vancouver, in architecture and language. This study trip to Vancouver is a great experience for me to explore how Chinese culture influences globally.

Andy Hui (BSS(GHKS) Student)

As a Chinese from Zhongshan of Guangdong province, I did not imagine that I could have such a strong connection with Vancouver and UBC before this trip. The multicultural environment of UBC should be promoted to the whole world. It is also this trip that made me know more about Vancouver and UBC, as well as having a deeper understanding of the other side of Hong Kong and Chinese overseas. This trip is very memorable.

Hins Liu (MSSc(GHKS) Student)

The lecture by Professor Yan was very interesting and provided much food for thought. In the lecture, we noticed that Hong Kong immigrants’ average income was lower than the general population, which would need many years to close the gap. The reality faced by the Hong Kong immigrants is totally different from what we thought before. The lecture on and visit to the Chung Collection helped us understand the history and know more about the truth. It is absolutely meaningful.

Alison Wong (BSS(GHKS) Student)

I was so excited to have this opportunity to visit Vancouver and UBC. Vancouver is such a charming city. We visited Canada Place, Science World, Stanley Park, Chinatown, Gastown and so on. We visited UBC on June 19 and 20. As one of the top 50 universities in the world, UBC has great campus and first class professors. Two professors of UBC gave us two wonderful lectures, and we had lunch together with students and professors in UBC merrily.

Ichii Zhang (BSS(GES) Student)