Students' Stories & Voices

Our BEd(BAFS) students won the Gold award for Excellent Financial Education Initiative!

‘The Chin Family’’ Personal Finance Ambassador Programme 2018/19 is organized by Chin Family (Investor Education Centre) and St. James’ Settlement. The programme aims at enhancing the financial literacy of tertiary students, and raising the awareness of good personal financial management at tertiary institutions. This year, the theme of the team project requirement was ‘Smart Online Spending’. We had to develop a financial education initiative in order to promote the concept of good personal financial management under the requirement. Our team finally got the Gold award for Excellent Financial Education Initiative, and a bonus of $20,000.

During developing the initiative, we learnt different skills and gained different experiences. Firstly, we learnt the collaboration skills. We are from different disciplines, our team had to cooperate and collaborate with each group member, to discuss the theme, content, work division, and so on, hence building our team spirit.

Secondly, we gained the experience of holding an activity with $4,000 accountable inclined reimbursement. It provided us with a big room without financial burden to implement our idea. We learnt how to carry out an activity smoothly and being attractive to the other.

Thirdly, we learnt more on the theme, as all of us had to understand deeply about the theme, and chose something that were relatively important to be promoted. For example, some traps and tips on smart online spending were useful and important to our schoolmates. We had to discuss and select those important information, and put into the board descriptions, PowerPoint, souvenirs, leaflets and so on.

Fourthly, we received the supports from department and lecturers (Dr. Eric Law and Dr. Vincent Cheng), as the department helped us to reserve the booth, and lecturers allowed us to have the in-class promotion in their classes. These supports flourished the implementation of our plan. They also provided us with valuable comments on how to improve our plan, for instance the attractiveness of the booth’s game.

Group members:羅啟心, 陳偉泓, 林鴻達, 藍顥, 鄺俊耀