Dr CHAN Yiu Ming Gordon

Lecturer I


Self Introduction

Gordon holds two doctoral degrees, one in History from SOAS, the University of London and the other in Law from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He had taught law in several institutions including the Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and the Vocational Training Council. Gordon joined EdUHK (formerly HKIEd) as a guest lecturer in December 2014 and began expanding his teaching interest to socio-legal and historical subjects. He was appointed Teaching Fellow I in September 2016.


Teaching Areas

Business Law and Ethics

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities

Legal History

History of Hong Kong and China


Research Areas

Corporate and Commercial Law

Financial Regulation

Legal Reforms in China


Selected Publications

“Understanding the Enforcement Strategy for Regulating the Listing Market of Hong Kong.”  Journal of Corporate Law Studies (2014), Vol.14, No.1, 79-110.

“Reforming the Sponsor Regulatory Regime – A Case of Hong Kong’s Response to the Impact of Chinese Listings.” Hong Kong Law Journal (2013), Vol.43, Part 3, 973-1001.

“Rethinking the legislation for one-person companies in China.” Company Lawyer (2012), Vol.33, No.3, 87-93.

“Company Promoters under the Chinese Company Law – A Comparative Analysis.”  Hong Kong Law Journal (2009), Vol.39, Part 1, 223-244.

“Why does China not abolish the minimum capital requirement for limited liability companies?” Company Lawyer (2009), Vol.30, No.10, 306-311.

 “Administrative Monopoly and the Anti-Monopoly Law: An Examination of the Debate in China.” Journal of Contemporary China (2009), Vol.18, Issue 59, 263–283.

“Hong Kong and Communist Guerrilla Resistance in South China, 1937-1945.” Twentieth-Century China (2003), Vol.29, No.1, 39-63

“The communists in rural Guangdong, 1928-1936.” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (2003), Series 3, Vol. 13, Part 1, 77-97

“Review of From Nothing to Nothing: The Chinese Communist Movement and Hong Kong, 1921-1936, by Chan Lau Kit-ching.” China Review International (2000), Vol. 7, Issue 2, 412-416

“The Chinese Communists’ East River Column, Guangdong, 1937-1945.” Leeds East Asia Papers (1998), No.58.

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