Dr MOK Ka Tung Francis

Assistant Professor


Francis Mok is lecturer of the Dept. of Social Science starting from July 2011. Before joining HKIEd, he was instructor at the City University of Hong Kong for more than ten years, teaching courses on political philosophy, moral philosophy, applied ethics, and public administration. The courses he is currently teaching include Hong Kong Studies, Animal Rights, Environmental Justice, and Issues of Critical Citizenship.  

His MPhil thesis is on the concept of rights and the significance of being a right-holder; in his PhD dissertation, he examined the kind of moral judgment that could be passed on different categories of civilians participating in the Cultural Revolution of China.

His current research interests include (i) the moral responsibility of civilian participants in political movements, (ii) the intellectual foundations of the idea of pragmatic politics as championed by the HKSAR government, (iii) the moral foundation of public support of homeownership, and (iv) the understanding and practice of critical thinking in primary and secondary schools.

Apart from teaching in universities, he was regularly invited by the Education Bureau of the HKSAR to give seminars and workshops on human rights and social ethics to primary and secondary school teachers.


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