Dr CHAN Kit Wa Anita

Trajectories, Strategies, Practices of Second-Generation Hong Kong Transnational Families

Project Year: 2019 - 2021

Funding Source: Faculty Development Scheme, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong

Project Team Member: Dr CHAN Kit Wa Anita

This project explores the migration trajectories of second-generation Hong Kong transnational families. It examines the range of factors within the spheres of employment, family life and children’s education that are affecting their migratory trajectories. It explores their notions of home and belongingness in regard to home and host countries. It examines local and transnational practices and strategies that are ultilised to pursue family projects. It also examines how gender relations are played out in the transnational migration process within the context of the family. It uses ethnographic fieldwork by interviewing 32 families of second-generation Hong Kong transnational migrants who are residing in Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.