Dr MA Kin Hang Matt

「非物質文化遺產項目—傳統正一儀式:生命禮儀與社區儀式教育及保育計劃」(Intangible Cultural Heritage Item: Traditional Zhengyi Rituals: Rites of Passage and Community Rituals Education and Conservation Project)

Project Year: 2018-2019

Funding Source: Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Fund

Project Team Member: Dr MA King Hang Matt (Co-Investigator)

This education and conservation project aims to demonstrate the intangible cultural heritage (ICH): Taoist Ritual Tradition of the Zhengyi School in Hong Kong. Based on the ethnographic research on the Taoist ritual specialists and their ritual traditions in both urban and rural context, workshops are organized to illustrate Taoist’s rite of passage and communal rituals traditions in Hong Kong. In the workshops, ICH bearers would share their knowledge transmission experience as well as to demonstrate their rituals skills to enrich the public’s understanding on the social practices, rituals and festive events heritage in Hong Kong.