Po Sum Cho

RG17/05-06 Integrating the Personal, Social and Humanities Education Curriculum at the Junior Secondary Level: Possibilities and Problems

This study explores how teachers attempt to integrate the personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE) curriculum at the junior secondary level and the impacts on teaching and learning in two schools. Through case studies of two secondary schools with completely different background, mission, management structure, method of funding, socio-economic background of their student population and medium of instruction, this study seeks to describe, illuminate and explain the different approaches adopted by teachers in integrating students' learning in the PSHE curriculum. This study further discusses the impacts on teaching and learning based on the "thick descriptions" of teachers' endeavors generated from the case studies. The possibilities and problems of an integrated approach to PSHE are identified and critically examined with reference to the conceptual frame adopted by Alexander (2000) in investigating teachers' teaching. There are four interconnected themes within this frame, namely presage, context, process and product. The outcomes of this study will enhance colleagues' research literacy on integrated learning and enrich their pedagogical repertoire for teacher development in Liberal Studies, PSHE and General Education. 

Project Year: 2005-2006

Funding Source: Internal Research Grant 2005-20006

Project Team Member: Po Sum Cho

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