Man Wing Yan, Thomas

RG18/05-06 An Empirical Study of Students Social Interactions in Participating in Enterprise Education

The current focus of the literature of enterprise education has been concentrated upon experiential learning, with little attention on the social interaction within the learning process. Therefore, an empirical study involving both quantitative and qualitative methods was conducted to understand the social interaction in enterprise education from different perspectives. The sample was drawn from the participants of the Teen Entrepreneurs Competition hoisted by HKIEd between 2005 and 2006. The findings have provided supportive evidence for the significant roles of social interaction on the formation of the entrepreneurial characteristics. Also, students were found to develop a more realistic picture about entrepreneurship through social interaction. 

Project Year: 2005-2006

Funding Source: Internal Research Grant 2005-2006

Project Team Member: Man Wing Yan, Thomas

Project Detail: Here