Chan, Wing Hoi

TDG FLAS-Developing Resources for Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of General Education modules of the Historical and Social Domain (FLAS/TDG/05-06/03)

The HKIEd is going to introduce core General Education modules for students of all programs in the next academic year. Three modules of the Historical and Social Domain will be offered by colleagues of the Department of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology. This TDG project aims to develop resources for enhancing teaching and learning these modules. The project team will identify suitable material in printed, electronic and audio-visual forms, available mainly in the library and resource centres of HKIEd and that of other local tertiary institutions, and on the Internet; compile accessible resources guides to the various materials, covering major themes, glossaries to keywords, research methods and exemplary works for beginning students. They will include hyperlinks to online textual and media material in the resources guide where available. The resources guide will be made accessible on-line. In addition, one student course pack for each module will also be developed. Both kinds of deliverables will be tried out for improvement and introduced to colleagues for further enriched in the following academic years. The materials developed will also be useful to relevant modules of Liberal Studies of the PGDE and MEd programs. They can become valuable assets of the Centre for Liberal Studies and Integrated Studies to be set up in HKIEd.

Project Year: 2006-2007

Funding Source: Teaching Development Grant 2005-2006

Project Team Member: Chan, Wing Hoi

Project Detail: Here