Man Wing Yan, Thomas

TDG FLAS-A Resource Data Bank for Teaching and Learning of Business Subjects in the New Senior Secondary and the Career Oriented Studies Curricula (FLAS/TDG/05-06/03)

In the business subjects of the upcoming New Senior Secondary (NSS) and the Career Oriented Studies (COS) curricula, there will be heavy emphasis on four areas, namely, business management, accounting, financial studies and enterprise education activities. In the proposed project, we aim at developing useful and updated teaching and learning resources in these selected areas. This will involve a year of work to identify the study scope, to conduct an extensive search for literature and materials, and to compile them into deliverables, which will be in form of an annotated list of resources, a dedicated website and a reference corner to be set up. Those materials will be made used by the BEd(S), PGDE(S), and possibly PGDE(PVE) students who major in Business Studies in their teaching practices. They will be used extensively by the colleagues of the Business Studies Division in MSST in enhancing their teaching, particularly on the subject-based pedagogy modules. The website will also be made accessible to the business teachers in schools.

Project Year: 2006-2007

Funding Source: Teaching Development Grant 2005-2006

Project Team Member: Man Wing Yan, Thomas

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