Fairbrother Gregory Paul

TDG FLAS-Development of New GE Modules for Law-related Education, Culture and Pedagogy, and Hong Kong Popular Culture (FLAS/TDG/06-07/01)

The proposed HKIEd law-related education project would provide teachers with background on key concepts within the Common Law tradition including basic knowledge and values of the rule of law and the Hong Kong legal system, individual rights and protection under the law, important legal decisions and legal controversies, and comparisons with other legal systems (e.g., Mainland China). Beyond this, however, and a key element of the project, would be the provision of both curricular resources and opportunities to acquire relevant pedagogical skills for teaching law-related topics in Hong Kong's primary and secondary schools.

Project Year: 2006-2008

Funding Source: Teaching Development Grant 2006-2007

Project Team Member: Fairbrother Gregory Paul

Project Detail: Here