Po Sum Cho

RG8/07-08 Accountability versus Relevance: Tensions in Adopting an Issue-Enquiry Approach to Integrated Studies in Hong Kong Secondary Schools

This project aims to investigate a critical issue in adopting an issue-enquiry approach to integrated studies in Hong Kong secondary schools, namely the tensions between accountability and relevance. Through a case study, this research seeks to explore how teachers perceive and address the tensions in promoting issue-enquiry learning in Liberal Studies, an integrated subject in the Hong Kong secondary curriculum, and its impacts on the teaching and learning of the subject curriculum. Major issues and problem arising from such tensions are further identified and examined critically. Based on the findings, this research study discusses the possible ways for resolving the tensions and the extent of and conditions for promoting an issue-enquiry approach to Liberal Studies in the new senior secondary curriculum. 

Project Year: 2007-2008

Funding Source: Internal Research Grant 2007-2008

Project Team Member: Po Sum Cho

Project Detail: Here