Chan Kit Wa, Anita

TDG FLAS-A Preliminary Study of Gender Issues across Subjects: Research and Pedagogy (FLAS/TDG001/MSST/07-08)

As research into gender and education remains underdeveloped in Hong Kong, and in view of the importance of gender in the New Senior Secondary Liberal Studies Curriculum, this project aims to contribute to the field and meet the needs of front line teachers in three ways: a) establishing a database and resource bank that documents research and practices on gender education that have been carried out locally and elsewhere; b) providing examplars and strategies that can help inform subject-based teaching and learning and professional training; and c) conducting a critical review of local studies in order to identify research themes and future research direction, and to develop teaching new practice and pedagogical modules for promoting gender equity education. 

Project Year: 2007-2008

Funding Source: Teaching Development Grant 2007-2008

Project Team Member: Chan Kit Wa, Anita

Project Detail: Here