Fairbrother Gregory Paul

KRA07-08 Alternative Policy Instruments for Enhancing Citizenship Education

The purpose of this study is to determine the suitability and desirability of, capacity for, and potential obstacles to implementing an independent, compulsory course of citizenship education at the junior secondary level of Hong Kong's education system. Despite adjustments to Hong Kong's citizenship education since the transition period to Chinese sovereignty, survey research and the demands of sectors of the public suggest that citizenship education as currently practiced in Hong Kong shows considerable continuity with the pre-1997 period and is not achieving intended results in areas such as the development of national identity. This project aims to seek explanations for such ineffectiveness of citizenship education and to determine whether there are more effective policy instruments which could improve the provision of citizenship education.

Project Year: 2007-2008

Funding Source: UGC Recurrent Earmarked Grants-Research Project

Project Team Member: Fairbrother Gregory Paul

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