Law Kam Yee/ Lau Ka Wai

HKG-91007-01-0909A - Survey on School Students’ Needs and Utilizations on Internet Applications

Even though Hong Kong has achieved internet penetration rate of 70.9% in year end of 2008 and all schools are connected to the internet, the gap between the Information Communication Technology (ICT) “have” and “have- nots” is still large and it is widening in Hong Kong. For education, as the implementation of education reform came into effect, it is not difficult to understand that learning through internet applications becomes an important channel and even the basic need for school students. However, those low-income family school students were difficult to access internet for learning and completing digital school assignments because of the reason of poverty. This will concededly broaden the digital divide among school students. Funded by Oxfam Hong Kong, this research mainly consists of two parts. For the quantitative part, self-administered and structured questionnaires will be distributed to the primary and secondary students; and for the qualitative part, individual interviews with school teachers who can share information related to usage of ICT in school teaching and learning and school facilities enabling students’ learning will be conducted. 

Project Year: 2009-2010

Funding Source: Oxfam Hong Kong

Project Team Member: Law Kam Yee/ Lau Ka Wai

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